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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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honoring a hero. firefighters come from near and far to pay tribute to fallen colleague. calling out countries. the president uses a curse word to describe several nations. iv impact. the shortage that could affect treatments for cancer patients. >> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. we begin with that breaking news. a customer at a barbershop was rushed to had hospital after she was shot during a robbery. >> nbc 10's brandon $hudson is live on the scene. and there were actually children when the happened, right? >> there were two children.
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and now investigators in a few moments will gather evidence where they found the victim lying down. police say two masked armed men ran right into the barbershop and yelled robbery while those customers were inside. now, this is supposed to be a place where a man, a mother and her a children should be safe. but the three children saw a man get shot twice while he was trying to stop a robbery. the robbers took off but police say they caught the man who they believe was the shooter. >> they were giving us very good information about this incident. they were giving us descriptions. so they did a good job. they remained calm. >> reporter: coming back live now, philadelphia police have this entire block of 22nd street blocked off from cambri street all the way down to the other end. we do know police recovered a mask. the second robber is on the run.
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the victim is at temple hospital. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. take a look at the nbc 10 radar. that is lot of rain headed our way and it's going to come with some strong winds too. >> our chief meteorologist standing by to exexplaplain. >> we're going to see a lot of changes associated with this storm system. it's still out to the west of us. a few sprinkles trying to make it to the groundout in the suburbs and lee high valley, but not much success. we are watching heavy rain also towards harrisburg. and further off to the west we also have some ice and wintery mix we're going to have to deal with as well. a first alert issued for the entire area from 4:00 in the
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morning till noon. we're going to have high winds, periods of rain, a lot of melting ice. the heaviest rain is going to come tomorrow night and very early on saturday. we could see some localized flooding, ice chance on rivers. and saturday morning we may even some freezing rain in burkes and lee high valley. and temperatures are going to plummet as much as 30 decrease in two hours. we'll talk about all of this and time it out for your neighborhood when i come back in just a couple of minutes. also tonight saying farewell to a hero. people lining up all night long to pay their respects to a fallen firefighter. nbc 10's erin baskerville shows us how they're remembering him. >> reporter: it was a night to say one more good-bye. hundreds including many first responders throughout the region lined up for hours outside the
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cathedral. they saluted matthew and so did the city of philadelphia. the skylight was lit up all in red in honor of the fallen hero. >> they're serving the city, out putting their lives on the line every day. and you don't know when you're coming home. >> reporter: luturno lost his life after running into a burning home. the second floor collapsed oen him and he was trabed underneath the rubble for nearly 30 minutes. michael carniy was a senior firefighter when he joined years ago. he remembers a man always willing to give back. >> all i can say is try to be people like he was. reach out and mentor people. >> reporter: philadelphia's former fire commissioner tells nbc 10 he had a message for his family. >> we're trying to share the loss with them, but we know that they're hurting. and i told them that he did what
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he loved. >> reporter: as for that fire, atf investigators were back on scene today searching for a cause. the funeral will be right back here tomorrow at 11:00. outside the basilica, aaron baskerville, nbc 10 news. >> and before the funeral a procession will take place. then another viewing will be held from 9:00 until 10:30. police say to expect delays and road closures in the area around and until 11:00. new at 11:00, police are looking for a person who robbed and shot a man on the street of north philadelphia. the victim was walking on gerard avenue just after 6:30 when a man on a bike came up to rob him. the victim handed over his cash but the suspect shot him in the leg anyway. the victim is expected to be okay. also new tonight, residents forced out of their home after part of it collapsed in north philadelphia.
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you can see the bricks now littering the ground right there. fortunately, no one was hurt but crews are checking to make sure the neighboring building is okay. during the meeting at the white house today the president referred to haiti, el salvador and nations in africa as s-hole countries. he also questioned why the united states would want people from those nations. the president's comments came as lawmakers inched closer to a deal to save daca. that's the federal program which protects thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. a bipartisan group of senators reached a tentative agreement which includes more than $10 billion for the president's voter wall. that would effectively end the visa lottery system. two alleged master minds made their first court appearances. the doctor is accused of having
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his wife killed. and today prosecutors revealed coffman himself has become the subject of a murder plot. they alleged his codefendant plotted to have the doctor killed to avoid being implicated. both men are charged in the 2012 murder of radio host april coffman. the doctor hired someone to kill his wife to keep her from divorcing him and exposing the illegal drug ring he was running. residents are sleeping a little easier tonight following an intense 13-hour standoff between police and a barricaded man. neighbors captured some of those tense moments on their cellphones. the ordeal started around 8:00 last night when police say the man fired at an armored truck. eventually officers knocked down the front door and went inside. the am 20-year-old suspect was found dead inside. will new jersey become the
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next state to legalize marijuana? supporters introduced new legislation and this time they have a new ally. under this new bill people 21 or older could have up to 1 ounce or marijuana or 16 ounces of marijuana infused products. the eagles road to victory faces its first big test in just under 42 hours. the eagles take on the falcons right here on nbc 10. and if you thought your house was ready for the big game, wait until you see the setup. >> nbc 10 keith jones takes us inside his eagles memorabilia. >> reporter: for more than 50 years steve has collected eagles cards, action figures, helmets, troll dolls, shot glasses.
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and that's just the least inside his epic man cave. >> we used to go with a bunch of guys. >> reporter: 76-year-old former police officer believes green. how much so, he drove a bus like this to pick up his wife beverly on their first date. >> i knew he was an eagles fan. i didn't know the extent of it. so then when i got in it i'm like oh, gosh, i mean every corner was filled with some kind of memorabilia. >> reporter: a lot of it still in this room, but she liked it. she said yes. >> thank goodness she was an eagles fan. would it have worked out if she wasn't an eagles fan? >> sure. >> reporter: next to eagles clock and near the midnight green bathroom, so i learned not everyone's welcomed. >> my sister is a cowboys fan,
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and we make them sit on the steps. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> now, that is a fan. >> it sure is. there are so many different ways to show your eagles pride. >> yeah, and nbc 10 is right here to help you. eagles victory bus hitting the streets ahead of the big game. you can catch it tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m. at the comcast in center city. it'll also make stops at triple a and geneoes. and the ride wraps up at 4:00. >> so stop by from 5:00 until 8:00. we are giving away three pairs of playoff tickets to saturday's game plus an autographed carson wentz jersey. coming up, fixing your feed. how facebook said it's going to make big changes to what you see. double-check that new
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paycheck. the new tax bill could soon put more money in your pocket. and treatment trouble. how a shortage of iv bags is hurting local cancer patients.
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questions continue to pileup in the killing of a u penn student. we learned investigators have issued three search warrants as they try to figure out he died. according to reports one of the warrants details several interviews with the last known person to see bern at the scene alive. the warrant describes that person as nervous with scratched up hands and dirt under his figure nails. a follow up now a shortage of iv bags. we told you how hospitals were running low just as flu cases have started to spike. and now local cancer centers tell us the shortage is affecting their patients as well. >> these are some of the sizes
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that are really hard to get. >> reporter: they don't look like much and they only hold sterile saltwater, but lately there's not enough bags here. >> it's getting quite hairy when you only have a limited amount of supplies to get to the patients. >> reporter: the shortage is now at its worst. she showed us the latest list of suppliers she needs. in some cases the ones they can buy have ended up costing four times as much. >> it impacts our ability to deliver drugs to the patients. >> reporter: these days they're having to much medicine more ind
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individually. patients would like to go back to solely worrying about sickness, not supply, demand and disasters. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> penn dental medicine celebrated its new opening of its state-of-the-art clinic. the 10,000 square foot shatner clinic features dental shares. each has the capability of performing chair side dentalistry. you can find out how the new tax bill will affect their paycheck. the trump administration says 90% of workers are going to see an increase in their pay. companies must start using the new rates by february 15th. the irs says it's up to all of
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us to double-check our pay stubs to make sure companies get it right. you can see the new tax tables for yourself on the new irs website. quality versus quantity. the company announced tonight it's making a major change to what people see on their news feed. mark zuckerberg said they'll start prioritizing meaningful introductions. there are more sports in town, the philadelphia fusion. tonight fans and enthusiasts came out to celebrate the team. they compete in a team-based first person survival game. tonight fans got to watch as they competed in their very first match in california. turning to your first alert weather now, no need really to bundle up for their nighttime run tonight. getting a work out in shorts and
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t-shirts. whoa, what a difference from where we were just a few days ago. but these warmer temperatures are going to disappear in a flash. >> our chief meteorologist to show us when that's going to happen. >> those shorts, they'll be out one more day, and then i promise you on saturday if somebody's in shorts you're going to need to have a talk with them. 58 was our high today. our low 39 this morning. no snow, no rain yet and our highest wind gusts 12 miles an hour. now, i'm going to sthhow you th big picture. not because i'm so impressed with everybody out west. but bismarck, 12 below 0. 11 in omaha.
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this huge bill of cold air. and we're going to hang onto the warm for one more day. 52 in pittsburgh right now. in your neighborhood we're looking at likely in the 50s. 55 in coatesville, 52 in trenton. atlantic city at 56. and wildwood you're at 54. here's the trend for the next four hours. typically we go down. not going to happen. we're going to see temperatures climbing. we'll be in the low 60s by noon tomorrow i think across the entire area with the exception of the poconos. this very large and impressive storm system bringing freezing rain across parts of illinois and indiana. we're going to get two batches of heavier rain. as this cold front approaches it's going to actually trigger
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these showers and thunderstorms beginning overnight tonight. i think the heaviest rain comes in tomorrow late in the day and tomorrow early, early on saturday. look at the wind barb. they're coming out of the southeast. that's a mild wind. your morning commute we could see some scattered showers. then the temperatures hold steady. we could see some heavier rain by 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, little break. and look at this on saturday morning. notice out of the north, all that pink, could move into places of the lee high valley. still holding onto the warmth in philadelphia. as that cold front comes through, we drop. by 10:00 we're at 33 degrees. by game time for the eagles we're at 27 and we continue to drop all evening. that is fast drop in a short
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period of time. watch the feels like. in the 60s by the beginning of day but by the time we get into tomorrow mornwreck ning, not th. it's going to feel like 15 by the time that game gets going. you'll need to hang onto your warm clothes. >> before you head out the door tomorrow, check in with the morning team for the latest weather and traffic conditions. they're on starting at 4:00 a.m. hey, guys. we're playing charades patty jenkins, sam rockwell. stay tuned. it's great.
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look at that. taking the eagles song flight challenge to a whole level. they brought in an eagle. >> keep those videos coming. yours could end up on tv or online. you could up load them to song. we like that hashtag and we're ready for them to fly. danny pommels. >> yeah, we're hoping something could push some eagles over the top. and maybe for saturday night it'll be the -- and we'll find out why one said not today. t comes to cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would
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help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia.
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hey, hey. good to see you as always. i'm danny pommels from nbc sports philadelphia. it seems like this weekend has taken forever, but it waiting and anticipation for the playoff match up almost over. saturday the place will be rocking like grandma's favorite chair with almost 70,000 of their feathered friends. >> reporter: the eagles have the x factor in this case. jay ajayi is the only player who actually played against the falcons in october. that is the most rushing yards atlanta has given up the past two years. he hasn't gotten a lot of carry since joining the eagles, so he says he is fresh and he wants everybody to jump onboard the
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jay train. >> just watching the tape as well that's been helpful. and i've been able to use my experience and just remembering the of the things, i'm excited for this challenge. >> reporter: and don't forget last year when the eagles beat the falcons here at the link, the birds rushed for over 200 yards. i'm john clark, nbc sports philadelphia. well, pretty easy to pick up jay ajayi has a british accent. there was another philly team taking over london today. joel embiid working on the finger wag, and embiid, though, first quarter and then in the second quarter ben simmons. beautiful turn around jumper.
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sixers up 9 at the half. third quarter the wheels fall off their double-decker bus. ben simmons with native marcus. sixers fall. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pommels. we'll be right back.
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el: broke, homeless, selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help. call 844 reachnj or visit the first alert for tomorrow's wet weather. >> yep, we have a first alert for the wet weather, the wind out there and the terrible cold coming in on saturday. let's take a look at the eagles forecast. item be 39 when you're
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tailgating in the morning. 21 at kick off, and feels like to be 25 to 10 degrees. here's the heavy rain. weekday see thawing, ice on the rivers, localized flooding and maybe even a clap of thunder out with windy conditions. a little icy in the morning in the lee high valley. falling to 26 late in the day and only 29 on sunday. >> 30 degrees in two hours. >> 30 degrees in two hours. you're going to feel it. >> have a good night. >> see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sam rockwell, tig notaro, musical guesla


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